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I'm redesigning my internet presence.

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About Me

My website, Lucasec Computer Help, has been around for about 6 years now.  I probably owe people an explanation of who I am and what my website is for. Without further ado, here it is:

Hi, I’m Lucas.  I’m currently in High School, and, if it is not already clear, I spend a lot of time on computers. This strong interest in computers all began back when I was in third grade.  I was standing at my teacher’s desk, waiting for her to check over my essay.  It was then, that a teacher from across the hall came in.  She asked my teacher a question about some instructions the school had given her that involved setting up an email program.  I, listening closely, realized that I knew how to do this.  I got an odd glance when I spoke up, but they agreed to let me try, and surely enough, I got their email working just fine.  Next thing I knew I was setting this up for all the teachers in the hall, and then every teacher in the whole school.  The events of that day lit a spark inside of me that has only grown brighter.  I now knew my place in this world.

From my experience fixing problems, and tinkering I do in my spare time, I’ve become quite proficient with computers and problem-solving.  Near the end of my third grade year, I created the first version of my website using a free service.  I eventually upgraded and got the address (because was already taken). has continued to evolve, and has seen a number or different designs as I’ve played with different website creation tools.

In sixth grade, I began experimenting with AutoPlay Media Studio.  It was designed to build CD menus but it featured a simple scripting language that allowed me to get a taste of some simple programming.  Eventually, I began to learn Adobe Flash, a popular web programming language.  In eighth grade, I completed Classroom Jeopardy, my first sophisticated program.  I designed it for my English teacher, and it was intended to replace the PowerPoint templates many teachers used for Jeopardy-style review games.

And that’s that.  A brief summary of who I am.  What I will do next is uncertain, but is the place you’ll find it when it comes.