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Classroom Jeopardy

Classroom Jeopardy is a tool designed to help teachers create and play a Jeopardy-style review game.

Classroom Jeopardy displays questions that are entered at a previous time. It even helps keep track of player scores if you want to add some competition to the game.

Try Classroom Jeopardy in this Live Demo!

Screenshots from the Classroom Jeopardy game:

Screenshot: Game Board Screenshot: Question Display Screenshot 3
Game Board with player/team scores shown below. The Question Display shows the selected question. The Leaderboard shows the top four players/teams.

Classroom Jeopardy has a whole lot of features including, but by no means limited to:

  • Questions, answers, and category names can be easily entered using the included Game Designer.
  • Automatically keeps track of points for up to one hundred playes or teams.
  • Game rules can be customized to support any style of play. Almost every aspect of the scorekeeping system can be customized.
  • Players can see where they did the best and the worst using the built-in statistics system.
  • Each player/team can enter a name and pick a color that is displayed along with their current score during the game.
  • Questions that have already been answered are indicated by a check mark.
  • Several games can be set up and easily switched between at any time.
  • A 9-page user manual detailing how to use all the game's features is included.

Best of all, Classroom Jeopardy is free! You can download and use it immediately. There is also an online version for those who are unable to download.

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